Cylvia is a 7 piece LA based PopRock band that just released their self-titled EP at a sold out album release shot at Hotel Cafe. The six song EP was described by Music Friday's Patrick O'Heffernan as a '...Joyful, sophisticated, dense, funky, intelligent, addictive, crazy-quilt soaring rock.  I never thought I would write a review with that combination of words in it, but they all describe, CYLVIA, the debut EP of Cylvia, a band that just might be best new LA band of 2015. Listening to this album is like getting behind the wheel of vintage Chevy convertible and discovering that it is really a Lamborghini and you are coming down the PCH  at full throttle.'


The music is infused with sprinklings of Arcade Fire, Kings of Leon, Buckley, Mayer, St. Vincent, Lady Gaga, M83, Bruno Mars, Fleetwood Mac, Michael Jackson & a huge dollop of straight up Cylvia. The music video for their single, also titled Cylvia, was released in June. The video utilizes long, unedited shots to take the viewers thru a story full of twists, turns & backflips.


Cylvia is the brainchild of frontman Zach Villa. Shortly after relocating to LA from New York, he knew he wanted to start a band. He also knew he wanted a strong female voice in the band, a frontwoman. Armed with only that knowledge & a handful of songs, he set about assembling the group.


He first found his drummer & lead guitarist in a pair of brothers, Eric & Manny Grijalva. He then found his frontwoman, Lindsay Claire, when connecting with his old Interlochen classmate. Amy Landon was roped into playing keys. The addition of Steven Good on rhythm guitar & vocals changed the size of Cylvia in many ways. The band was now 3 guitars strong, capable of producing an arena sized sound. Steven also took over lead vocals on a few songs (a nod to that Fleetwood Mac influence) & at its full capacity, Cylvia produces a 4 part harmony wall of sound with Zach, Lindsay, Steven & Manny at full wail. The only trick left was finding the all important person capable of anchoring the band with Eric, a bassist. Enter Genna Projansky, a bassist from USC's popmusic progam - an though she be but little, she is fierce. 


Thus the birth of Cylvia. Of the 7 members of Cylvia, 4 are also professional actors which is reflected in the magnetism & strength of the live show.The acting & dance training of Cylvia's members infuse the live performance elevating it to an experience akin to riding a unicorn while holding hands with a pixie.  


They are currently playing numerous local gigs & have a tour planned in the spring of 2015. 

the band

zach villa

lead vocals/rhythm guitar

lindsay claire

lead vocals/keys/violin

steven good

rhythm guitar/vocals

manny grijalva

lead guitar/vocals

amy landon


genna projansky


eric grivalva


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